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Running a business needs more than good ideas or excellent products and services. Ongoing learning is the most important tool you can have as a business owner. yowza!© provides learning material for SMMEs of all sizes and at all stages of business development. We have you covered from start-up to major expansion with training programmes, eBooks and downloadable guides.

Stay abreast of the best learning content, broken down into short snippets to ensure that you have time to participate in ongoing learning and growth to Discover · Connect · Thrive.


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Skills for Start-ups


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Skills for Business Growth


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Skills for Excellence and Expansion

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Ongoing learning and growth, simply select the course you need, complete it in your own time, repeat as often as you want, and test your knowledge.

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Building Relationships in Sales

Become a pro at building relationships in sales. Explore topics...

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Presenting Your Solution

Master the art of presenting your solution effectively. Topics include...

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Fundamentals of Business Ethics

Master defining business ethics and it's significance in a corporate setting...

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Unlock the secrets to overcoming objections and closing deals with confidence...

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Discover the all the tools you need in business through our resource hub. Access a suite of forms, tools, and templates to efficiently manage key aspects of your business. Streamline your operations in HR, finance, tax, and contracts with our comprehensive resources tailored for small businesses. Whether you seek guidelines for successful marketing and sales pitches or require assistance with funding requests, yowza!© eliminates guesswork and simplifies your daily tasks with a range of business documents and templates.

01 Document Library

All the information and documentation an SMME needs. Pre-formatted, ready-to-use templates – fill in the blanks and your job is done.

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The best companies in the world are supported by subject matter experts who advise in legal, tax, compliance, operations, strategy and business execution. This seems out of reach and an unaffordable luxury for SMMEs, and this is why we bring you yowza!©, giving you insights and tips from experienced coaches, industry experts, other SMMEs and newsletters at a cost that the smallest SMME can afford!

Monthly Webinars

Founder's Circle

The Founder’s Circle is a series of short webinars and learning from subject matter experts followed by assignments to apply the learning into the SMME business and one on one coaching to support implementation and application through Siyakha’s Active Coaching model©.

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