Why Yowza?

Yowza provides training programmes, handy resources and multiple opportunities – all designed to unlock the potential of small businesses.

Whether as an individual or as a small business, register as a Yowza member and start the journey to Discover · Connect · Thrive.

What are the challenges for small businesses?


As a small business owner, you're the mastermind behind every business outcome, orchestrating success, motivating your team, driving profitability, ensuring seamless operations, satisfying clients’ needs, and so much more.

Generally, the only time small businesses have to tackle their administration, planning, compliance, learning and development is before or after work or on weekends.

Yowza allows you to discover · connect · thrive on your own terms, at the time you need it and in the way that you need it.



Small businesses must uphold the same standards of professionalism and compliance as large multinational corporations when responding to tenders, bids, and business development needs.

However, the costs of securing the right advisors and specialists pose a significant challenge to competitiveness.

Yowza allows you to discover · connect · thrive through top-notch learning platforms, essential business resources, interactive webinars, expert opinions and virtual coaching.

Access to Corporate Clients

Large businesses have challenges in sourcing suppliers that meet their quality, while small businesses find the barriers to entry too high.

Yowza is the point at which quality, excellence, and buying decisions meet. Through regular events, support initiatives, calls to action, and opportunity postings, we serve as the catalyst for positive change.

Discover · Connect · Thrive and grow your corporate clients with Yowza.



Small businesses and funders often can’t find each due to the complexity of funding processes.

Navigate SMME funding seamlessly with our free online assessment. Access valuable insights to become funding ready.

Download application forms, financial assessment tools, and comprehensive guidelines to support a smooth process.

Reach that Yowza Moment when you obtain the financial support that your business has been dreaming about!

How Yowza works for SMMEs & individuals

Whether you are a small business owner or an individual looking for business options, register as a Yowza member and start the journey to Discover · Connect · Thrive.

Complete as many courses as you want, download business documents and templates, ask a Yowza coach for advice, and use all the opportunities on the site.

Track your progress on your personal dashboard. If several members of your SMME are registered Yowza members, you can track their aggregated progress on your SMME dashboard.

Simply click here to take you to the registration page where you will share some information about yourself and your business to start the setup of your Yowza profile.

Your subscription covers you (as the main member) plus two employees that you nominate.

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