Lizl Naude: Lilly Loopma


Lizl Naude, the founder of Lilly Loompa, has embarked on a transformative journey in the waste industry, turning discarded materials into eco-friendly homeware treasures.

Lilly Loompa, a South African brand, stands out for its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and a unique approach to upcycling. The business manufactures a diverse range of products, including storage holders, lamps, and dinner table accessories, all crafted through a process of "hip cycling," transforming waste into desirable pieces for homes. Lilly Loompa takes pride in being 100% South African, reflecting the rich cultural and environmental ethos of the region.


What makes Lilly Loompa unique is its pioneering role in the field of waste upcycling. Lizl Naude sees the inherent value and potential in waste, demonstrating the company's crucial role in waste management. The innovative application of waste materials to create attractive and appealing products sets Lilly Loompa apart, positioning it as an industry leader.

Recognition came in the form of the South Africa Women Entrepreneurs Climate Change Awards (SiaWECCA), where Lizl was honored as a winner. This award not only validates the creative upcycling efforts but also provides essential support and grants, making a significant positive impact on the business.

Aside from the award, Lilly Loompa has gained visibility through various media exposures, solidifying its position as an industry leader in upcycling. However, navigating the challenges inherent in this business model has been no small feat. Facing cash flow issues, a lack of equipment, and limited support from the local government, Lizl works tirelessly to educate both private and public sectors about the value found in waste.

One of the most pressing challenges involves integrity issues, with investors and grant funding commitments often leading to disappointment. Despite these obstacles, Lilly Loompa remains resilient, with Lizl's determination to establish the business standing strong.

Siyakha SMME Development Team and Lizl's coach played a pivotal role in the business's success by encouraging her to apply for the SiaWECCA awards. The continuous support, regular updates on opportunities, and valuable assistance from Siyakha have contributed to Lizl Naude's journey in achieving her business goals with Lilly Loompa. The brand's commitment to sustainability, coupled with the recognition and support received, positions it for continued growth and positive environmental impact.


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