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Sizwe Zulu, the Managing Director of Inddist, a Level 1 B-BBEE Youth Owned Multi-Discipline Company, has exemplified the essence of adaptability and resilience in the business world. Initially focused on the strategic sourcing and distribution of Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) products, specifically PPE, Tools, and Petroleum, Inddist has evolved into a turnkey solution provider, addressing the dynamic needs of its customers.

The journey began with PPE but expanded as Inddist recognized the market's preference for comprehensive suppliers. This adaptability led to the establishment of Inddist Food, culminating in the launch of OKO-OKO, a lifestyle restaurant in Waterfall. This expansion aligns with a visionary plan to operate corporate canteens and residential estate-based restaurants.


Sizwe Zulu candidly reflects on the business journey, acknowledging the inevitable failures and mistakes. However, leveraging successes into new ventures has been a key strategy. The recognition that there is no guaranteed formula in business underlines the importance of resilience. Investing in quality resources and skills development has helped minimize risks.

Siyakha has played a crucial role in this journey, providing coaching that opened perspectives and sponsored interns who filled critical resourcing gaps. Through Siyakha's support, Inddist has not only realized its initial goals but has also become a vehicle for creating employment and supporting communities.

Sizwe Zulu emphasizes the common challenges faced by Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) – cash flow and finding the correct management system. His advice to fellow entrepreneurs echoes the need for a simple yet actionable plan as a reference point for growth and sustainability. The essence, he insists, lies in starting the journey, putting one step after the other, and learning from both the ups and downs along the way. Sizwe Zulu's story exemplifies how adaptability, resilience, and strategic support from entities like Siyakha can transform a business into a community-building force.

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